Alas, I have been remiss in keeping up my web present.  That would be because I went back to work (my real job of teaching high school English) 2 weeks ago.

In addition to reading 17 books this summer (15 from the Florida Teens Read book list) and working for MyMissio, I have also been redoing my front bedroom.

You’ll notice that I took everything apart, tested paint colors, and removed the original speaker system (it had long been disconnected) and filled in the speaker box’s opening.

Since I took these pictures, I finished painting the built in cabinet in the curtain colors, and my mom and I redid the wood floor.  We discovered that using liquid soap and stainless steel worked great for removing the residue left from when the carpet pad was GLUED (don’t ever do that!) to the floor.  Mom then restained and sealed the floor.

Now I’m working on sanding the drawers that I should not have painted.  Note to self:  if it’s not already painted, don’t paint it!  Dad and my husband installed new baseboards, and Dad discovered that the built in is made of mahogany.

This afternoon I worked on sanding the contact points on the drawers.  I was able to get one of the small desk drawers in, but the large drawer on the left side of the built in, despite multiple attempts at sanding all the right spots, still does not fit into the opening.  It’s so close, though.  Husband offered to force it, but I reasoned with him because we’ve (re: I’ve) forced those drawers in before and he’s had to pry them out.  The reasoning:  if it won’t go in smoothly and we force it, it won’t come out smoothly.  I do appreciate his offer for help.

Needless to say, I’m a bit frustrated because instead of sanding just the drawers in the garage, I had to come into the house and sand.  I’ve also managed to buy 2 types of the wrong belts for my Dad’s belt sander and kill his Black and Decker Mouse sander, but I went out and purchased a new Mouse sander.  I had just hoped to return it to him this evening.  Alas, I’ll have to continue this project next weekend.


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