Summer is the time when I accomplish all of those projects I put off during the 10 months of the school year, things like vacuumming.  Actually, I do a bit more than just catch up on regular chores.

At the beginning of the summer, I cut the flowers off my remaining basil plant, the one near my husband’s vegetable garden I planted to attract bees to pollinate his crops.  I then went through the arduous task of harvesting the seeds.  The problem previously, I discovered, was that one simply cannot toss the flowers into the ground.  The seeds are WITHIN the flowers and must be picked out (about 4 seeds per bud).

using a small sifter to get the basil seeds out of the flowers

In the phote, you can see a bowl below the sifter.  That has the seeds from a 6 inch flower stem (lots of really small flowers).  I ended up using the sifter because I could smash the flowers against the mesh and the seeds would fall through but not the dried part of the flowers.

I then planted the seeds, and they had sprouted.  However. . .

Tropical Storm Debby came and drowned the sprouts.  No more basil.

The basil plant next to my husband’s garden had died (he showed me that yesterday), but there is a new basil sprout there, so I am waiting for it to bloom  I’ll then plant it and have more basil!  Basil is pretty much the only thing I am really good at growing (unless it rains too much).



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