I have continued reading from the FTR list this summer since we are bringing the book club back from a one year hiatus, caused by all of the teacher-sponsors having way too much to do.

In my last post on the subject, I had read 4 of the 15 titles and I’d selected 2 (*) for this coming school year’s book club readings:

  • Across the Universe*
  • Divergent*
  • I Will Save You
  • Please Ignore Vera Dietz

Since that post, I’ve read:

  • Flip
  • Little Princes (nonfiction)
  • Blank Confession
  • Rot & Ruin (another series)
  • Recovery Road

I am currently reading:  Matched.

Descriptions can be found at the Florida Association of Media Educators website.

This year’s texts deal with dystopic societies.  I’ve noticed from my own experience that teens are working through becoming independent of their parents.  What teen does not want to be a hero?  I’m quite curious, though about the NUMBER of dystopic novels.  I wonder if this represents a change in how we view our own society.  The author’s are not teens themselves, but what happens when teens read novels where society is corrupt?

My hope is that teens will learn to question society and learn when to be obedient and when to be revolutionary.  Questioning all sides of an issue is an important skill, and while questioning an opponent’s views, e.g. in politics or religion, is important,  it’s also important to question the viewpoints we hold.  This is what I hope teens learn from these texts.


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