So, this summer has been much unlike other summers.  For the first time in my 15 year teaching career, I am working during the summer.

My job title is content writer / website tester for Network Handlers LLC in downtown Lakeland, FL.  Let me just say that I forgot how much more R E L A X E D the business world is in comparison to the public teaching world.  While there is plenty of work to do and lots of deadlines to meet (deadlines that come up suddenly and quickly), there is much more an atmosphere of “have fun while working.”  Let’s just say that last Friday, I clocked out along with our intern to go to 7-11 to purchase an RC helicopter.  That was nifty fun.

And then there is the whole bathroom issue.  As a teacher, I am in loco parentis and should not ever leave the classroom since I am legally responsibile for what occurs.  Of course, I can’t stay in my room for 7.75 hours straight, so sometimes I have to make a run for it (especially if I’m juicing beets!).  It is so refreshing to be able to leave my area and go take care of business.

There’s also that 1 hour lunch break and having people who seem to truly appreciate my being here.  While I’m not getting as much done at home, I am certainly learning new things:  how to Skype (to India and Egypt!) and how to manage website content.  I’m also keeping my writing skills sharp.

Thanks, [name withheld], for hiring me for the summer, and thanks to all the guys at NH for accepting me.


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