For women of color feminists – in particular – coming to voice as characterized by Cherrie Moraga is merging theorizing with practice that becomes praxis (activism).  This is intricately related to her idea of “theory in the flesh” grounded in activist struggle located in the experiential.  We have wrestled with ideas of what we do in the classroom in relation to what we do beyond its walls.  Incorporate your thoughts on this subject.

Theory must have activism in order for it to be alive.  Otherwise it is just words (or intention).  I think that the biggest aspect of activism that I’ve learned is that praxis does not have to be a major to-do.  By speaking up in public, challenging a person when s/he has made a biased remark (such as when my school’s principal said that the fire alarm was sick, and she would be fixed soon and I emailed him asking why the alarm had to be she), we are making our theory active in the experiences of our lives.  As a high school English teacher in which the curriculum for my sophomore students deals specifically with culture, I have the perfect opportunity to work with students as they learn about their own cultures and the cultures of their classmates.  The curriculum requires students to explore their own cultures and stereotypes made about them and to share these revelations with the class.  In addition, students work on finding their own voice by writing paragraphs, poems, and two essays that share the personal through different genres such as poetry, monologue, and personal essay.  This curriculum provides me with the opportunity to point out biases and to note for the students where systematic racism (and gender oppression) occurs.  It flows with the curriculum.


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