I am currently taking my feminist studies work and creating a book chapter with it.  The next several posts will be questions I am pondering as I put the chapter together.

Question #1

How has your study of writings in this course (Literature by Women of Color) enabled you more insightfully to understand the struggle of women of color “to come to voice” in resistance to multiple oppressions of (hetero)sexism, racism, classism, and homophobia?

I was aware of sexism against women, but I was unaware of the white male patriarchy and how ingrained racism is in American society.  I thought that I was one of the “good” white people, who made sure not to act in bigoted ways and made sure not to allow my students to make racist remarks.  I didn’t even realize that by saying “I’m sorry” when I wasn’t really sorry was an unconscious attempt to make me the victim.  That’s a role I don’t want and didn’t even know that I was playing.  If I have had trouble coming to voice as a white, middle class, educated woman, then it has been even more difficult and fraught with danger for the woman of color to come to voice.  Not only is she dealing with sexism, but she is also dealing with racism and the need to support the man of color as he works against colonialism even as he discriminates against her.  Add to that the difficult of poverty and a nonheteronormative sexual identity and we’ve got a lot of shit to cover.


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