My mother tried to teach me how to sew, but I simply was not interested.  That was woman’s work, and I was not going to be tied to the house.  I did enroll in home ec in the eighth grade.  I made a stuffed animal (a duck a girl on the bus named Heather’s Feathers. . .the name stuck).  It wasn’t until I was married, though, that I decided to really learn to sew.  My husband and I lived in a west facing condo.  The kitchen became horribly warm and with its yellow cabinets and yellow stove (circa 1970s) was difficult to find curtains for.  Thus, I made a sort of valance that I could raise and lower by simply tucking it into the curtain rod.  I already had an old sewing maching I had purchased about 2 years before that and had used the machine to edge fabric for bulletin boards for my classroom.  But it really was the necessity of finding the right curtain and being unable to that led me to turn to sewing.  In the decade plus since, I’ve learned a few things, created a few things, and become a decent seamstress.  You probably won’t pay for my sewing, but it’s good enough to help in a pinch.


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